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GlobalAdTrack.Com's professional ad tracking services are unmatched in features, power, and price!
There is no software to download or host you will have instant web access to manage and view the tracking results of your internet ad campaigns.

Find out which of your ads generate sales and profits. GlobalAdTrack can help you make advertising decisions that can save you thousands of advertising dollars every month. Join now and receive:

Unlimited ad trackers
Unlimited counter trackers
Unlimited statistics trackers
Unlimited cloaking urls
Unlimited url rotators
Create new tracking identifiers instantly and automatically without having to log in!
Track not only visits to your ad tracking urls, but actual sales and conversions as well!

We also offer powerful one click statistics viewing to see which of your ads are performing the best, including graphical analysis!

You can use GlobalAdTrack's powerful tracking service to:
  • Track your ad campaign hit and sales statistics.
  • Shorten those long, hard to remember affiliate urls.
  • Mask or cloak your important affiliate urls to protect your hard earned promotional efforts.
  • Advertise up to 40 programs with one rotating url!
  • Track visitors to your web site - analyze what pages your visitors are viewing, and most importantly, what pages they were viewing before that important sale was made.
  • Create detailed cost per click and cost per sale campaigns to maximize your promotions, sales, and profits!

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    - Manage your ad, web, and sales trackers,...
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    Track your online advertising with Global Ad Track.

    • Tracking with Global Ad Track will help you will know how many people read and respond to your online advertisements. You will know which campaigns were successful and which campaigns were a waste of time and marketing dollars. Reports can quickly show you which ad copy or text brought the best results.
    • Other ad tracking services simply show you information on hits to your tracking links.'s Professional Ad Tracking Service gives you REAL ad tracking power, with the ability to track not only hits to your tracking links, but actual SALES! No other ad tracking service gives the power and features that we offer for such an incredibly low price!
    • With Global Ad Track you can identify which sources (ads, affiliates, etc) are sending you new contacts and sales. It also allows you to compare your results with the reports provided by pay-per-click sites to ensure you are getting what you are paying for!

    • also gives you the ability to mask your affiliate links, as well as shorten those long, hard to remember links. All of your ad tracking urls will be in the short, easy to remember form of

    • Your ad tracking links will allow for 2 sites to be entered as destination urls, making each ad tracker a mini-url rotator!

    Global Ad Track is perfect for...

    Pay-per-click search engines, Email marketing, Banner Ads, Pop-ups & Pop-unders, Search engines, Affiliate programs, Online contests, Ezine advertisements, Site links, Bulk email, Signatures, Forum postings, FFA postings, Free classified listings, Surveys, Ebooks, Paid classified listings, Auto responders, Message boards, Articles and much more.

    Global Ad Track reveals how successful your ads are so you can adjust your campaigns to suit your audience and maximize profits while minimizing costs! Find out information on:

    • how many opened or clicked within an email
    • how many responded to your online ads.
    • how many response leads were converted to sales.
    • your ROI for every advertising campaign.
    • which ad copy or text brings the best results.
    • confirmation of your PPC results

    Track your email marketing campaigns with Global Ad Track.

    Measuring the success of your email campaigns is an important step to ensure your emails are being read and your marketing dollars are spent wisely. Global Ad Track can be used to track the open rate and click through rate of emails mailed with any email marketing product.

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